One Size Fits All?

Not being able to walk for 5 minutes without being convinced you have accidentally stumbled into the Sahara desert.

Buying outlandish amounts of talcum powder.

Taking multiple showers a day just so you can maintain an acceptable level of human hygiene.

Boob sweat.

Bum Sweat.

Back sweat.

Well; sweat everywhere really! Yes folks, we have come to the end of another summer living this plus size life. Congratulations! 🙂

I have faced many a plus summer, so all the above erm…”complications” are now second nature to me. Although I am used to them, it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with.

However, I find the biggest problem for summer is CLOTHES. I have so many, yet I always seem to struggle more in the summer. I am trying not to use this as an excuse to buy more clothes….OK, maybe I might be, but after many years I have realised two things.

  1. It is not WHAT you wear, it is HOW you wear it.
  2. In this case, size does NOT matter.

Allow me to elaborate frankly.

For a start; I am firm believer in “proper underwear”. I personally prefer a full brief. This is because it covers my tummy(s), is more comfortable, and gives a smoother look if you are wearing something that is a little closer fitting. But ladies, please; as a plus person, if you feel deeply compelled to wear more exotic underwear make sure that the whole road can’t see it. Frankly, it does us no favours.

Unfortunately, this may offend some folks, but I am here to deliver my version of the truth as promised in my very first blog. It is better to hear it from one of your own than to be talked about behind your back. AMEN?

You know the saying “age is just a number”, well I am a firm believer that the same goes for clothing sizes. Why are we so obsessed with the number on our dress label? We are obsessed because society tells us that we should be. THIS. IS. WRONG.

Picture this, I have a friend that is quite slim. She wears a size 16, but because her boobs are so big she has to wear a size 20 top. That is a whole two sizes bigger than she could be in. Is she bothered? No! This is because she knows she will look and feel better wearing the bigger size.

I personally have no problem in buying a size or two bigger in my clothes if it looks better than trying to squeeze my body into the size I think I should be wearing.

I would rather look like this


Than like this


Wouldn’t you?


That being said, It isn’t always easy to shop as I have noticed that sizes differ from one shop to another.

In my opinion, ASOS Curve have the best online plus size store. Period. However, they do have different brands within ASOS curve that can trip you up. Brands like Club L Plus, Alice and You, and Junarose are the ones to watch for coming up smaller in their sizes. I always buy a size up in these brands. have a good plus range, but i do find that the quality can sometimes be questionable.

Then you have your exclusive plus shops such as “yours” and “simply be”. Simply Be are very good at designer brands. They have a “Coast” plus size range which is excellent. The only downside is that Simply Be can be very pricey, and some of there clothes start at size 14. This is something I have never understood. But aside from that, especially if you are looking for nice or “special” underwear or an outfit for a special occasion, Simply Be is the place to go.

Ladies and Gents; I am sorry (not sorry), to be ranting like this, but you must understand I am so passionate about this! I am proud of myself, and of all of you. I just want us to SLAY like I know we can!

Please feel free to communicate with me! if you disagree, have something else to add, or if you just want to say “Hi!”

I would also like to hear from you if you can review any more stores, or have another suggestions about where to buy plus clothing from.

Leave a comment below and I will get straight back to you.


We STAY together, We SLAY together.

Fran x





Author: Francessca

Female. Soul Rebel. Self Lover. Music Lover. Jesus Follower. Freeyourself.

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