“The Dress”

Hey Everyone!

Firstly, may I apologise profusely for my lack of posts , and secondly for the lengthy, yet interesting post to follow 😊

It really has been a crazy few months! A lot has happened, the most exciting being that I got ENGAGED!



“Finally” I hear you cry! Yes, I am engaged, I am to be wed, intended, affianced, betrothed, spoken for…In short, you better get ready for a HUGE party!

As insanely happy as I am to be jumping down from the shelf, After living in my happy bubble for 3 months, I can now see the stark realisation through my haze of happiness.

A wedding. A whole wedding. For little old me. (and him too LOL) But lets be real, so much emphasis is placed on the Bride it can be over whelming! You would not believe the amount of articles and books I have waded through. This was a MISTAKE. Reading so many different things is SO confusing.

So that being said, I have decided to do away with all these books, and just follow a good solid timeline and my gut. And then when you finally accept that you are about to plan and pay for the most overpriced party ever you remember THE DRESS.

The most important dress you will ever wear. The dress, that if you make the wrong choice, will haunt your sleep and doom your wedding pictures.

A year ago, I would’ve said that anyone talking this way is dramatic, but lately, the enormity of this decision has become a reality in my life. Like it or not, your guests will remember and talk about “The Dress” long after the last glass of champagne has gone flat.

Here in now lies my dilemma: PLUS SIZE WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING.

Double the flab, double the trouble! But after copious amounts of research, and watching A LOT of “Say Yes to the Dress”, I managed to find a few stores in my area that stocked a respectable amount of plus size wedding gowns. (There were some shambolic establishments that claimed to stock plus size but only had about 3 gowns! I should sue for false advertisement! ANYWAY…)

So off I went with my Mum and Hannah, my chief bridesmaid in tow.

“Why start the search so early?” I hear you ask…Well, the logic I had was that because I will need a gown so specialised, and I refuse to settle for these tents with beads on that they shove some plus size brides in, I needed to start my search nice and early to give myself enough time to shop without panic, and without feeling like I have to settle.

So yes, off I went! I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the stores I went to. They were so accommodating and wonderful. I had appointments with Copplestones Bridal in Chester, The Bridal Suite in Stockport, and Edith and Winston Bridal in Knutsford.

Thanks to these wonderful stores, I was able to try on all the styles I liked, and all the samples FIT. That is no small feat! I would highly suggest all three stores for any plus size brides out there.

However, I fell in love with a gown from Edith and Winston’s. As dramatic as this sounds, as soon as I put this gown on, my whole being was altered. I became this amazing confident bride. I had never felt that beautiful in my whole life. I was experiencing the power of the perfect dress. I had been told by my married friends that this would happen, but its hard to believe until you experience it for yourself.

Even though I had fallen in love with “My dress” as I am now calling it, I wanted to make sure I was not just being swept away with the “in the moment” emotion. So, I booked another appointment for two weeks later. I wanted some time to think and to make sure I was making the right choice.

Two weeks later, I put “My dress” back on and felt the exact same way I did the first time. There was no doubt in my mind. I left Edith and Winston with a dress that day, and I have not looked back. I have not had a second thought. “This Bride is not for turning”.




Now as always, I don’t claim to be an expert, but having now gone through this process, I would like to share a few tips I have picked up. These tips not only apply for plus brides, but for all brides.


  1. Do not settle.

This is the most important dress you will ever wear. Period. If you are not happy, then keep looking, because the dress you have is not the dress for you. Give yourself enough time to shop around.


  1. Try on EVERYTHING

No really! Try on every style, length, cut, fabric, and colour. You will be surprised at what you like. The style of dress I liked when I started this process is the exact opposite to the dress I ended up with. Trust me, try everything!


  1. Surround Yourself with the right people

…And keep it small. To me, there is nothing worse than you bringing everyone you have ever known in your life to your bridal appointment. Too many opinions can cause arguments, confusion and cause you to be disheartened. Be careful who you pick!


I am only at the start of my wedding journey and I can not wait to see what is in store!Single, engaged, married or somewhere in between, remember, we SLAY Together!



Now you are all thoroughly updated, I would like to hear from you! Please share your Wedding Do’s and Don’ts with me in the comments! No story is too boring, too spicy or too embarrassing! We are all friends here! And I can’t wait to hear from you!




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