me in black fur


Hey everyone!

It’s great to finally be here and blogging! My Name is Francessca, (Fran for short), and over the next few months I look forward to getting to know you as I share my world with you. We will laugh together, cry together, but most importantly; WE WILL LOVE OURSELVES AND SLAY TOGETHER! 🙂

Over the next few months I will be giving you insights on living in this day and age as a bigger or plus size person. NO, not just what the media portrays the life of plus size ladies (and gents!) to be like. For example; I watched a well known modelling show, and the hostess said they were having a plus size series. Well, this made me excited as I was hoping to see some REAL women portrayed in a beautiful way! I was thinking YES! Stretch marks, cellulite, bat wings…But no. What I got was a size 14 claiming “she had never fit in”.

In my opinion (and that’s all it is), that kind of thing does not help. An inaccurate view of plus size. I bet none of those girls have gotten up in a restaurant and tried to move between tables and had their bum in someone’s pasta because the tables are too close together! Or had someone ask “Awww! When is the baby due?”. No, they haven’t, because this ladies and gentleman is the life of a real plus size person.

Welcome to my world, and enjoy!